Clinical & Coaching Psychologist

Dr Cristina Szeifert

Cristina Szeifert is a clinical psychologist, certified life and health coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, an ex-model and a blogger. "My journey into psychology was inspired by my mother who is a significant figure in my life and career having practiced the same.

My career progress was occasioned by making choices that I deemed practical, affirmative and simple seeking to revolutionize my life. Taking each and every opportunity with zeal allowed me get a career breakthrough. At 16 years I had a successful modeling career, that provided me personal satisfaction as I managed to be featured on magazine covers. I was also chosen the image of a significant number of brands globally."


Clinical & Coaching Psychologist

"At the age of 22 I founded my first company which combined modelling and fashion. This breakthrough was attributed to the culture of entrepreneurship. What stands out most in my remarkable achievements is my personal commitments to believe, be positive, setting to accomplish my dream and healthy and happy living.

Being ready to learn from any scenario whether accomplishments or mistakes, trying to achieve the best each day for others and myself. Through this and other forums I wish to engage others by inspiring and help people make the right decision giving them a chance in life. A coach is someone who shows you things you don’t want to see and tells you things you don’t want to hear all so you can become the person you know you are meant to be”

**Cristina Is a proud supporter and partner of many charities and foundations as, "Together we can save lives and make the world a better place."