Cristina provides psychological services to adolescents and adults and has experience in a wide range of general mental health issues and psychological difficulties including, but not limited to:

• Low mood and depression
• Stress, worry and anxiety (including work stress, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, phobias, OCD, panic, PTSD)
• Relationship and social difficulties (e.g., marital problems, shyness, difficulties making & keeping friendships/relationships)
• Anger
• Low confidence and self esteem
• Coping with major life events/changes (e.g., bereavement, divorce)
• Problems with direction and lack of focus in life

Cristina has specific interests in working with people experiencing psychological difficulties as the result of a medical condition and/or disability.

Cristina supports people to reach their potential in professional and personal domains, and bases her coaching in cognitive-behavioural and solutions-focused methods. Cristina helps people to identify areas for improvement, and practical strategies they can use to reach their goals. Issues Cristina addresses with clients include:

• Procrastination

• Goal setting and achievement

• Optimising performance at work (e.g., identifying 'blocks' to performance)

• Stress management

• Enhancing well-being

"Whatever your motive for making contact, psychotherapy can help you comprehend what you are going through and support you. Everyone can find life overwhelming at times and as a professional psychotherapist I provide a safe and confidential space in which to talk about and explore what is disconcerting you and together start to make sense of your feelings and concerns.

Psychotherapy is a distinctive practice for everyone and it basically includes being able to communicate on one’s feelings. I will try to help you look at these from the perspective of the relationships you have in your everyday life and your past experiences. We will also contemplate the nature of rapport we are exposed to when we meet. For example, you might wish to talk about a feeling of depression or an inability to engage with the world around you.

A psychotherapeutic approach might be to explore the shape of this depression and what purpose it may serve for you and those around you. Over time, a better understanding of the underlying motives and causes of your problem can lead to a greater sense of integration and control in your life and, importantly, to more authentic relationships with others.

I have helped people in the past who have experienced difficulties such as stress and anxiety, bereavement, redundancy, depression and feelings of hopelessness, addiction, relationship and sexual problems, family problems and concerns and difficulties with anger and I have many years of experience on dealing with workplace issues

All our communications will be confidential. I adhere to strict professional standards and have full indemnity insurance, receive regular professional clinical supervision and undertake continual professional development"